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Becoming a pilot is an exciting goal, and the process of becoming a pilot begins with learning how to fly. Once you have enough information about the general features of an aircraft, it’s time to begin your flying lessons.

At The CAVU Pilot, we offer Ground School Courses to those interested in becoming a private or commercial pilot. Our certified instructors are ready to help you achieve your goal of becoming a great pilot. Start your flight training today.


Become A Pilot in Tennessee | The CAVU Pilot

Top Grade Ground School

In our Ground School courses, you will learn about the history of flight and today’s technologies through interactive lessons. You’ll also learn how to operate a plane by studying aircraft mechanics, performance, meteorology, radio communication procedures, flight planning requirements, and more. 

Professional pilots know precisely how their aircraft works. With The CAVU Pilot Ground School Courses, you will understand the mechanism of the plane you fly and how to take advantage of all the technology onboard.

Flight Maneuvers

Our flight instructors will teach you everything about the theory and practice of flight maneuvers. You’ll also learn preflight and post-flight procedures, navigation techniques, takeoffs and landings.

In addition to learning from us, we also offer opportunities to practice your flying skills under the supervision of our experienced and professional instructors.

Learning By Doing

We offer flight lessons in which you’ll learn how to fly on your own or with the assistance of a certified instructor. You’ll learn from our instructors, but mainly from your own experience.

To learn to fly by yourself, you have to fly by yourself! Our flight training allows you to get as many flight hours as possible to gain the necessary experience and become a certified pilot.

Hands-On Experience To Help You Get Ahead

The CAVU Pilot is a top-ranked flight school for those looking to become pilots in Tennessee. Our experienced instructors are here for you, assisting you every step of the way.

The CAVU Pilot courses are the best way to prepare for your commercial and private pilot training because we offer only the highest quality flying lessons taught by experts.

Our flight school proudly serves Tennessee and the surrounding areas’ future pilots. Discover the world of aviation for yourself by signing up to our Ground School Courses, starting your flight lessons, and becoming a pilot today!



CAVU Docments

Finance Your Training

  • The CAVU Pilot offers financing to students who wish to make payments rather than pay out of pocket.
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Most frequent questions and answers

We fly out of the Knoxville Downtown Island Airport (KDKX) in Knoxville, TN. Come say hi!

To schedule a discovery flight or enroll in a flight course, simply contact us via this link or call (609) 661-5083. We will have you up in the sky in no time!

The average cost for a Private Pilot Certificate is $9,000-$12,000. Advanced pilot certificate costs range from $5,000-$15,000.

  • Cessna 150: $125/hour
  • Instructor Fee: $75/hour

Most regularly scheduled students can complete the rating between three to six months. Plan to fly at least twice a week to make sufficient progress and reduce costs.

We use Flight Schedule Pro to manage all reservations. Use this link to request access to the schedule.

While most resources can be found above, if you prefer a hard copy, you can download our Pilot Starter Kit Checklist which will provide links to buy the necessary material.

We offer a 10% aircraft rental discount for clients that enroll in our Legacy membership online. 

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