Category: Flight Maneuvers

Flight Maneuvers

Emergency Descent

Pilot training is all about preparing for the worst and hoping it never happens. An emergency descent is a maneuver that allows you to quickly lose altitude while still maintaining control when things do go wrong. Learn when and how to do them in this section.

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Flight Maneuvers

Spin Awareness

Although they are not required on the checkride, spins are a leading cause of general aviation accidents so knowing how to avoid them should be explained. Here is everything you need to know about spins as a private pilot!

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Flight Maneuvers

Slow Flight

It’s true, the whole idea of flying is to get places quicker, but at some point, you’ll need to slow down and land. That is where slow flight comes into play. The approach and landing phase is all conducted in slow flight, so it is crucial that you understand how the plane will operate in that regime.

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Flight Maneuvers

Power-On Stalls

A power-on stall occurs when the aircraft is under power and the critical angle of attack of the wing is exceeded. Also known as a departure stall, they are generally induced when you pitch the nose of the aircraft up too high during a climb. Learn how to recognize and recover from them in this article.

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Flight Maneuvers

Power-Off Stalls

A power-off stall simulates a wing stalling condition while the engine is at a low power setting. Typically encountered while landing, they may also be referred to as approach stalls. Learn how to recognize and recover from them in this lesson.

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