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We Fly Like We Live

Everyone at the CAVU Pilot strives to provide the best service and products to the aviation community. If you’ve ever flown with us, you are likely to believe that. We have a passion for aviation and instructing, as well as an intense drive to provide each client with the tools necessary for success.

Our mission is to help people achieve their goals safely and efficiently while maintaining a creative atmosphere.

Continue reading to learn the standards we hold of our staff and community members.

I’m willing to bet you are with the right group of people.

Lead By Example

Our standards are set high for what we do and how we do it. Students look up to us and other flight schools admire our teaching methods. We can not teach or expect others to follow our lead if we haven’t done the work ourselves. 

Take Initiative

We don’t wait to be told something. When we see something that needs to be done, we do it. And we do it without being asked. Whether it be wiping down the windshield to removing some papers left over from the previous flight, we do what needs to be done.

Have Fun

Flight training is full of strict rules to abide by, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be exhilarating. Building positive and fun relationships while maintaining a safe learning atmosphere creates a training experience you’ll never forget.

Always Be Learning

We are always striving to better the company and ourselves. We know that learning is essential to growth and performance, and that has a direct impact on our students. We work to get better every day and constantly push to make it a point to never be the weak link on the team.

Attention To Detail

No question should go unanswered. If we are unsure, we take the time to research. Whether it be the reason maneuvering speed changes with weight or where the best BBQ joint is in town, we will make sure to figure it out. 

Stay Humble

We all remember our first flight. As our flight careers progress, it’s easy to forget where it all began. We don’t take credit for our individual success, rather we give credit to the people who made our individual success possible. Always give credit for a job well done and accept full responsibility when things go poorly.

What Can CAVU Do For You?

We understand that flight training can be overwhelming. Not sure where to start? How much will it cost? What materials are required? We are knowledgeable aviation professionals, and we are here to help you with anything you need. Just drop us a line!

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