Flight Training Financing

We know that flight training is expensive, that is why we are proud to offer direct-to-you financing! There are many flexible payment options for every student. We even offer rates for students that may not have the best credit history.

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How Much Should I Finance?

You should finance 10% more than the average cost of the courses you wish to complete. This will ensure you don’t run out of money before completing the course. You can always use the leftover cash to pay back the loan or take a friend on a flight.

Average Course Cost

Private Pilot


Instrument Pilot


Commercial Pilot






*Course cost can be significantly reduced by flying with another equally rated pilot while building flight time.*

Zero to Hero

No flight hours to teaching others how to fly. (Student pilot to Certified Flight Instructor-Instrument.) $45,000-$58,000

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Other Financing Options

There is always more than one option! Here are a few other options for you to try.

Your Local Bank

Sometimes your local bank can offer the best rates. Ask them what options they can offer. 

Private Pilot

Instrument Pilot

Commercial Pilot


We do it all!

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