How to Become a Commercial Pilot

Not everyone can become a commercial pilot. Getting to that stage requires hard work, dedication, and motivation. However, if you’re passionate about flying and have a thirst for knowledge then becoming a commercial pilot could be the career for you!

Commercial pilots are trained to fly all sorts of aircraft, from airliners and smaller passenger planes to helicopters. Before even starting out on your journey in a commercial pilot school, you should get familiar with the steps you’re going to take to become a commercial pilot.

Research Commercial Pilot Schools

Look for a flight school with good ratings from its students and the right flight lessons program for you. This is a big step and you want to make an informed decision. 

A good school should have experienced, and friendly instructors that are passionate about flying. Also, it’s important to build a network of contacts most pilots made at their schools.

Get Your Medical Certificate

All student pilots must pass an Aeromedical Examiner (AME) administered third-class medical exam. A class 1 medical certificate is required if you want to fly for commercial purposes.

Take Your Required Courses

All commercial pilots must receive academic and in-flight training in various aviation disciplines including Airplane Single Engine, Multi-Engine, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot, Flight Instructor-Airplane, and Flight Instructor-Instrument.

It might be a good idea to take advanced flight lessons as well because they can give you an edge over other candidates. There are a lot of commercial pilot schools that offer additional training courses it’s up to you whether or not you want to go for those extra qualifications.

Learn the Right Skills

Commercial pilot schools will teach you all the theoretical knowledge you need for your career as a commercial airline pilot plus lots of practical experiences in small aircraft.

Pass the FAA Knowledge Exam

The FAA Airman Knowledge Test is a computer-based multiple-choice test. Every commercial pilot applicant must take the exam before the solo flight. This is where that network of contacts comes in handy because most schools offer students an opportunity to be prepped for the knowledge test.

Keep Learning Skills

Commercial pilot schools do an excellent job at teaching you the basics of flying. However, it’s up to you to continue learning to master new skills. 

Flight training is never-ending, so if you want to be on top of your game, you should enroll yourself in refresher flight lessons every now and then.

Start Your Journey with The CAVU Pilot

At The CAVU Pilot, we provide in-flight training courses which are the perfect way to get your airman certificate. Our team has years of experience in aviation and our training program provides you with all the necessary skills you need to have a successful career as a commercial pilot. We’ll teach you all there is to know about flying and make sure that you’re ready for when it’s time to take the commercial pilot exams.

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