Knoxville's Premium Aircraft Rental Program

Your Gateway to Elite Aircraft Rental

This premier aircraft rental program is designed for those who seek the epitome of luxury, convenience, and safety.

With your membership at CAVU’s premium aircraft rental club, you gain the freedom to soar above the limitations of conventional air travel.
Step directly into your private aircraft, where comfort and exclusivity await.

Unleash the Power of Freedom

Unleash the Power of Freedom

Modern Flight Deck

Equipped with a Garmin G1000 Perspective avionics suite, the perspective system’s intuitive interface and large displays help reduce the pilot’s workload.

The three-axis autopilot with a yaw damper lets you focus on monitoring systems and maintaining situational awareness.


Factory-equipped air conditioning will keep you cool on the ground and in flight.

More leg room than the airlines and comfortable seating for four people.


The Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS) is a whole-plane ballistic parachute recovery system designed specifically for Cirrus Aircraft earning them the title of one of the safest aircraft on the market.

TKS inadvertent icing encounter protection allows you more time to safely maneuver out of icing conditions.

4-Point Safety Harness’ in all seats keeps you secure.

Don't Buy A Plane

Membership Cost 

Aircraft Rate

Pilot Qualifications
Cirrus Transition Training

Become a part of our elite flying program and enjoy the freedom of flight without the hassle of aircraft ownership. 

The keys are yours. Go fly!

Membership Cost 

Aircraft Rate

Pilot Qualifications
Instrument Rated

Become a part of our elite flying program and enjoy the freedom of flight without the hassle of aircraft ownership. 

The keys are yours. Go fly!

Renting the Plane is Easy!

Reserve your plane using our intuitive scheduling program

Arrive at the airport to a clean aircraft

Preflight, Run up, Fly Away!


Your CAVU Club membership offers unlimited access to the plane all year long! 

To join the club, you’ll begin with a one-time membership fee, followed by monthly dues. Your membership fee and dues cover routine maintenance on the aircraft ensuring the plane is safe and ready to fly every time you arrive at the airport. 

The quick details

Reserve the plane at any time

Book your trip up to three months in advance

Reserve the plane up to 7 days in a row

Minimum daily rental charge is one flight hour

Insurance Requirements

Hold at least a Private Pilot Certificate with an Instrument rating

Have and maintain renter’s insurance with $100,000 coverage for non-owned aircraft.

Complete Cirrus Transition Training (Can be completed with our in-house CSIP)


Club Membership Vs. Aircraft Ownership

Compare the cost of aircraft ownership with the cost of being a club member. 

The bottom line, becoming a member of Knoxville’s elite flying club is a better deal, without the hassle of owning an airplane. 

Cost of Use - $500,000 Airplane

CAVU Club Membership

Annual Club Membership

Initial Capital

One-time membership fee

Renter’s Insurance


Ongoing Monthly Expenses

Monthly dues

Hangar Fees



Hourly Cost

Hourly Aircraft Rental Rate

Aircraft Ownership

Assumes $500,000 similar aircraft purchase

Initial Capital

15% down-payment



Ongoing Monthly Expenses

Loan Payment: 15 years @ 9%

Hangar Fees



Hourly Cost

The average aircraft owner flies only 75 hours a YEAR! That averages to 6.2 hours per month. 

$5,229/6.2= $843/hr

Are you ready to travel in style?

Becoming a CAVU Club member is easy. Complete the application and one of our representatives will personally reach out to you.

Private Pilot

Instrument Pilot

Commercial Pilot


We do it all!

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Our maintence exceeds FAA standards.



You'll leave each lesson with a smile.



Our students become lifelong friends.

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