Aircraft and Rates

Cessna 150: $135/hour

The original workhorse. The Cessna 150 is one of the best and most popular training aircraft ever produced. A gentle and forgiving flyer, this plane is perfect for new pilots who wish to learn to fly in Knoxville. 

Don’t let its small size fool you, our Cessna 150 boasts the most modern Garmin avionics available for all levels of flight training!

Beech Sport: $175/hour

If low wing aircraft are more your style, the Beech Sport is the plane for you. Spacious cockpit, two entry doors so you don’t have to climb through the plane to your seat, and of course, top of the line Dynon and Garmin avionics.

The 10 inch touch screen makes flying an airplane like playing a video game. Coupled to the Garmin GPS, it is perfect for Private Pilots and Instrument Pilots!

Diamond DA40: $225/hour

Sleek, modern, technically advanced, and fun to fly! Our Diamond DA40 features a Garmin G1000 flight deck with two-axis autopilot, electric trim, and constant speed propeller.

This smooth flying plane is perfect for instrument and commercial pilots. It even meets the commercial pilot certification requirements for TAA aircraft.

Flight Simulator: $50/hour

Bad weather? No problem! Our flight simulator is perfect to practice cockpit flows, checklist procedures, and instrument procedures. 

*Special Offer* Want to practice flying on your own time without an instructor? You can rent our simulator for only $15/hour during normal business hours!

Instructor Rate: $75/hour